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Our restaurant at the Tweeddale Arms Hotel offers an great dining experience with a varied menu, comfortable surroundings and excellent service. We have included sample menus on our website for you to get a flavour of what we have to offer. Please take a minute to browse through the courses. We look forward to welcoming you!

White Wines 

House Wine - Oliver & Gregg's Pinto Grigio 
This light and crisp wine is soft in the mouth with a delicate finish and is packed full of fruity flavours of grapefruit and lemon. 
125ml glass: £2.50 • 175ml glass: £3.60 • 250ml glass: £4.60 • Bottle: £13.50

House Wine - Oliver and Gregg's Sauvignon Blanc
Dry and Crisp, fresh on the nose, this wine is packed with very ripe lemon, lime and gooseberry fruit characters.
125ml glass: £2.50 • 175ml glass: £3.60 • 250ml glass: £4.60 Bottle: £13.50

House Wine - Oliver and Gregg's Chardonnay

This Australian wine has flavours of peaches and pineapple.  With a creamy feel in the mouth and a soft fruit finish.

125ml glass: £2.50 • 175ml glass: £3.60 • 250ml glass: £4.60 Bottle: £13.50

Jack Rabbit Pinot Grigio - Italy
Bright fresh and zesty, with soft fruit undertones. Bottle: £16.50

Santa Serena Sauvignon Blanc - Chile
A very clean and citrusy Sauvignon Blanc with bags of flavour and great balance.  
Bottle: £16.95


Hardys Stamp Chardonnay Semillon - Australia
A juicy wine with flavours of melon, pear and peach.
Bottle: £16.95


Fish Hoek Chenin Blanc - South Africa
Intense tropical fruit combined with a crisp dry finish.
Bottle: £17.95


Dalvino Veneto Sauvignon - Italy
This lovely white wine is dry, with flavours of bell pepper and sage, it is equally delicious to drink as an aperitif.
Bottle: £16.95

Patriarche Chardonnay

A dry, medium bodied French Chardonnay with fresh citrus, apple and peach flavours and rounded finish

Bottle: £18.95

Paua Sauvignon Blanc

This dry white wine from Marlborough has a fruity palate with nectarine, gooseberry and grapefruit flavours.  The finish is long, with a citrus edge.

Bottle: £19.95


Rose Wines

House Wine - Oliver & Greg’s Zinfandel Rose - California
A great, light, fresh rose from the modern home of pink wines.  Ripe red fruits and a good balance of sweetness. Perfect chilled.
125ml glass: £2.50 • 175ml glass: £3.60 • 250ml glass: £4.60 • bottle: £13.50

Kumala Zenith Rose - South Africa
Vibrant wine with strawberry flavours and refreshing summer notes.
Bottle: £15.95


Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel - California
Lively and fruity, reminiscent of fresh summer pudding.
Bottle: £16.95


Three Pebble Bay Zinfandel Rose - Chile
A good blush, easy drinking, hints of strawberry flavours with a soft finish.
Bottle: £16.95


Red Wines

House Wine - Oliver & Gregg's Merlot
This is a rich wine, packed with smooth ripe plum flavours. 
125ml glass: £2.50 • 175ml glass: £3.60 • 250ml glass: £4.60 • Bottle: £13.50

House Wine - Oliver & Gregg's Shiraz

This Shiraz is from nAustralia, big and bold with riope fruit flavours of blackberries, and a hint of oak on the finish

125ml glass: £2.50 • 175ml glass: £3.60 • 250ml glass: £4.60 • Bottle: £13.50

Jack Rabbit Shiraz - Chile
​Rich, soft and juicy with flavours of blackberries and raspberries.
Bottle: £16.50


Santa Carolina Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile
Bright, black fruit flavours with hints of Eucalyptus.
Bottle: £16.95


Fish Hoek Pinotage - South Africa
Hints of plum and fruitcake with oak. 
Bottle: £17.50

Campo Viejo Crianza Rioja - Spain
Soft wine with an oakey nose and strawberry fruit flavour.
Bottle: £17.95


Sparkling Wines

Giotto Prosecco - Italy
Citrus and grapefruit flavours. Crisp and easy to drink.
Bottle: £16.95

Marques de la Sardane Cava Brut - Spain
Inviting aromas of green pears and apple blossom which lead to crisp zesty fruit and a generous sparkling finish.
Bottle: £17.95

Mionettp Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut (Prestige Collection)

It has an intense fruity bouquet with a hint of golden apples.  It is very dry, fresh, light in body and well balanced.

Bottle: £19.95

Jean Dorsenne Brut

It is crisp and dry as well as being slightly acidic on the palate.

Bottle: 20.95

Chateau Chaumet Sparking Perry Demi-Sec

It is a medium-sweet perry, with a sparking pear finish.

Bottle: £13.50



  1. Lanson Black Label Brut NV - France
    Fruity fresh palate with a fine delicate mousse.
    Bottle: £39.50

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